About us

We are one of the leading producers and wholesale and retail suppliers of high quality handloom clothes in Sri Lanka and We deliver our high quality products such as as sarongs, sarees, Lungies and more all over the island. We are working on the traditional handloom textile industry since 2005 and have built up a massive recognition among leading handloom exporters, local handloom textile dealers and individual customers. We completely involve ourself to satisfy the customers who own a massive in traditional handloom textiles. We are able to distribute enormous designs of handloom clothes enriched with wide range of colors. We have developed our customer base with professionally trained officials, therefore we are able to survive in the handloom textile industry for more than 12 years. Every single piece of our hand woven cloth is completely made by highly skilled and experienced weavers. We release each handloom product to the market only after various inspections and verifications. Therefore our handloom products express the attribute of high quality extremely. We are able to deliver our handloom products all over the World We have attached our high quality handloom products (Samples) in this email. If you require more about those, please feel free to contact us over the phone or email. We hope you to be enjoyed with traditional textiles of East Sun United Group (PVT)Ltd Of Sri Lanka -Handloom Department.